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 Apply Now  - step ③ of ④ in the enrollment process

 For the complete ‘steps to enroll’, visit the Admissions page.
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 Welcome. Whether you are a veteran of homeschooling or have only had limited  exposure, you likely know what you want in your child's education--or you have  a vision of what that might look like. Now, after your due diligence, you may be  feeling particularly thrilled with the realistic possibilities of having your child  excel in a program such as ours. You can take solace in knowing that the days of  anxiousness and the countless educational sources you may have combed through,  has been worth it! At the True North School, we have been there and we know  how to facilitate the greater potential of your student.
 This application is step 3 of a 4 step process: If steps 2 and 3 have not been completed, please visit    our admissions page first.  

 Click the 'Apply' button to access our secure web-based application form. The form  will open up in another browser window, where you can easily fill it. 
 There is no monetary commitment with this application. Completion of this application does not obligate the student to  attend the True North School or for the True North School to admit the student. 

 Once you complete this application, we will contact you shortly thereafter   regarding this--a most  important step in your homeschool journey. 

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