Copy of Admissions


 Complete a short visitation form. This is the first step in the formal process of us getting to know each other. At  this link, you will find our secure web-based visitation form.
  • The visitation form will open up in a separate browser window for easy filling. After its completion, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form. We will receive the application right after your submission and will contact you shortly. 
Note: The next three steps can take place in one meeting.

 After you have completed and submitted the online visitation form, we will contact you soon to arrange  a mutual time for you and your child to meet with us. This visitation day can take place in the form of your  child actually attending a class or classes (shadow), or as just a walk-through--your choice. After meeting with  us, if you agree that TrueNorth Homeschool is a good fit for your child, you would then...

 Complete an Application for Enrollment. This form is prior to registration and is basic in information. Below, you  will find the link to our secure web-based application (Click on the 'Apply' button above or the 'Apply  Nowbutton below to access it.). 
  • The application will open up in a separate browser window for easy filling. There is no monetary commitment with this application. After completion, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form and we will contact you shortly to set up a mutual meeting time.

 After you have applied, Enrollment Registration  takes place during a mutual meeting time with  us. This  meeting includes your child and is  mandatory for enrollment into TrueNorth  Homeschool. At this time, you  will complete a  Registration Form for the classes in which you are  interested in enrolling your student and pay  the  appropriate corresponding tuition and fees for the  completion of enrollment. This process has been parsed  from experience and is streamlined. It is a real joy  and honor to meet with such great families! They  deserve a  journey.of educational excellence.

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