Upper School

Upper School

 The Upper School program (grades 9 - 12) is steeped in strong educational and personal standards. Given that  sufficient preparation has been adhered to in the Middle School years, the time spent in the Upper School should  render a complete student poised for collegiate success and leadership beyond. Themes of responsibility to God,  accountability to work, and character in all aspects are interlaced into the student’s rich core of academic  disciplines here. 

At the True North School, discipline is not forced, but is a desired expectation from a demanding program framework coupled with the love and patience of gifted instructors. It is a continuation of the same complement of leadership qualities in the lower grades, only at a more profound intensity. Relevancy of this heightened intensity is based on Upper Schoolers’ increased spiritual and cognitive maturation. Such leadership intangibles are the building blocks for consistent character development and is viewed as a necessity in preparing the student for their college career and beyond.
 Our instructors, likewise, emulate Christ-centered leadership along with helping shape the student with guiding  principles. This gives our students the well-rounded education that discerning parents seek and our students  deserve. It is an honor and a joy to be fulfilling our role in providing high standards of academia and morality to  our future leaders, equipping them to be impactful to the world. 
 To God be all the glory.

All curriculums and certain accessories used in instruction are obtained by and are the responsibility of the parent. Upon registration, a book list referencing ISBN's for all books used, as well as, a listing of accessories required for class will be provided.


PDF Version 2017-2018 Class Schedule
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