Our Guiding Tenets

The word rigor is widely used in educational circles. Many may equate this word with difficulty. At the True North School, rigor describes something we uphold as a way of encouraging our students to think critically and thoroughly. Relative to future endeavors and ultimately, real successes, the guardian of rigor is always found to be perched somewhere in the midst. The deliberate pairing of established, rich curriculums with vetted instructors, willing to challenge and shape the learner, lends itself favorably to this context. While learning in a challenging, fun-loving environment, our students, as a consequence, are then able to apply this type of critical thinking in any environment - educationally, career-wise or socially. Our standards are as stringent as, or exceed many you will find. Parents here, partner with us, assuring fine home study for maximum effectiveness, to drive home the point. Our efforts to immerse rigor into our students’ studies do not go in vain, but enables them to excel in the future endeavors of higher learning and life. Him lifted up.

Accountability for one’s actions is important in all of life. Societal pertinences aside, the aspect of this principle, flows directly into our servant life. Our students are urged to extol and to be responsible to their parents and likewise, other worthy authorities in their lives. Christ is, obviously, the ultimate authority, and as believers, by virtue of realizing and practicing this, we should model this truth with our behavior. We are convinced from scripture, and furthermore, have all seen with our own eyes, that however well-intentioned our motives, exceedingly fruitless are man’s efforts in this regard, apart from God. At the True North School, our students are taught to acknowledge and assume responsibility for their work, from neatness to completeness and from first thought to thoroughness. Parents, instructors and the program can work in unison to encourage real-world expectations. Our honor is in the cultivation of responsibility to God, accountability to work, and character in all aspects, with ultimate reliance on Christ and His righteousness.

Character, being defined as the moral or ethical quality of our being--built over time--helps forge who we become. The True North School seeks to encourage students to consistently display humble, virtuous character with our Christ-centered worldview as a testiment. Charity begins in the home. Likewise, in this direction, our instructors resolutely model this leadership--a standard held high to a most precious audience, our children. Respect is granted in a reciprocal fashion--instructor to student and vise-verse. Simultaneously, instructors are authoritative, yet accommodating in their daily management. This way, by merit of witnessing it regularly emulated, our students are fortified by a strong valuation of character. There is no better teaching on this subject than scripture. The Lord taught His disciples to practice humble, yet courageous behavior. Grace is applied, but obedience never acquiesces. Without much debate, learning and growing in this conduct now, strongly prepares youth to face various future challenges in life. There is a long-standing saying that states ‘Future leaders are made today’. Here, at the True North School, we believe it!
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