Consider True North

Consider True North

Why should parents consider the True North School for their student? Aside from many strong reasons you can find scattered throughout the website, some other important standout features of the school are as follows:

 We are very exuberant in our approach to college preparation. In keeping with  this, we understand the high relevance of curricula, particularly those that focus on  strong written and mathematical skills. Well-thought-out and proven course  designs, coupled with the abundant teachings of our well-vetted instructors at True  North, make for a recipe affording students high levels of achievement--in line with  and often exceeding many of the currently defined standards of proficiency.  [More]


Throughout all levels, and particularly in the Upper School, instructors formulate lesson plans and syllabi with high overarching standards to assure accreditation standards are met. Oftentimes, and with purpose, those benchmarks are exceeded. Mainly for these reasons, we choose not to incorporate Common Core aligned curriculums into our program. At the True North School, we are consistently searching for best-practices in curricula, as well as resources in instructional aids taken from various sources, including technologies. We would be glad to discuss this important subject matter and how it impacts today's students. Schedule a visit with your child today.

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