Vision Statement 2015-16


Good, Flexible Program Design
As we move forward into our fourth year, and in keeping with the standards of previous years, we continue to strive for high achievement. There is no surprise our goals are set high. We have proven, vetted practices as the backbone of our program-wide policy. Our tenets--rigor, accountability and character-- provide a strong basis on which we overlay other definable elements of the program. You can read more about our three foundational tenets here: Rigor, Accountability and Character. Along with this immovable foundation, we are proud to maintain a general flexibility. This, we feel, is tantamount to ‘keeping our ear to the track’, when it comes to uncovering opportunities in which to listen and grow. Pertinent to this point, at the end of each year, we are not ‘sitting on our laurels’ and so, with purpose, we reset various benchmarks and we learn to grow a little more. Voices from our parents that correlate with our established core program values are taken into account. Furthermore, this listening encourages valuable parental feedback. This sampling of questions and concerns continues throughout the school year. They are all important to us—seen as a vital way to correct or tweak the day-to-day operation of the program. This flexibility in our construct is an important counterbalance, hedging us from not taking for granted, the varied experiences of homeschoolers. We realize parents take many things into consideration when determining which opportunities will best fit their family’s needs academically, socially and spiritually. Our knowledge base has grown over the years—in good part, owed to our willingness to listen. We are confident that we have a good understanding of the needs of the homeschooling community and further believe we have the resources to answer to them in large part through curriculums and the quality instructors we have working with us. Keeping the vision fresh, we are driven to accommodate both seasoned, as well as, new homeschoolers this next school year. 

Quality Christian Instructors Who Care
TrueNorth is grateful to have instructors who garner the same values we do as leaders. We trust all can see, they have a heart for the Lord, a heart for the students and a heart for what they teach. Likewise, hopefully it is also evident they do not take lightly the time that they spend instructing your child or adolescent. In keeping with the program values, they want to assure, from a young age, that the students experience a fun, yet challenging, educational experience. This, all the while, holding students to raised levels (by today’s general standards) of responsibility and accountability. These instructors’ fine performances are due in large part to their general caring nature, equally with their qualifications and experiences. The result is that our students' desire to learn and think critically is enhanced, better preparing them for their college careers and real-life experiences.  

College Readiness
Our classes are taught in a way as to prepare young students for higher level learning and to assure our upper school students’ work meets the standards of various accreditation programs in the area. Our standards of academic rigor also demonstrably serve those who are not seeking accreditation, but still wish to apply directly to a university. We are here to be a strong, robust support during your student’s upper school years of study. The accreditation program we work closely with, will accept the TrueNorth report card as validation of work completed in all upper school courses. 

In Pursuit of Critical & Creative Thinkers
For those who have already registered, we look forward to serving you in the 2015/2016 school year. For those who still need to register, we plan to make ourselves available several times before June 30, 2015. Registering before this ending date, allows an ample time period for instructors to maximize their planning for the upcoming school year. Put another way, having students registered by this date, helps instructors know what to plan for.
If you have never visited our program, we invite you to come and explore who we are. Additionally, we have exciting augmentations planned for the near future, enhancing both academic and social areas. We look forward to the implementation of technology, acting and film classes, as well as, workshops and guest speakers. We will proudly continue to offer formal dances, field trips, etc. We want this to be a place where your children can grow, thrive and make friends. Ultimately, working together, we can heighten our capabilities to help provide children with even more, ultimately helping prepare them for limitless opportunities in life.
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