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The True North School, in pursuit of the outstanding, has as one of its defining characteristics, the a-la-carte class enrollment structure. Our pliable structure is one of our most important aspects adhering to our guiding philosophy and fits hand-in-hand with the way in which instruction is tailored and masterfully delivered here. By virtue of this structure, parents are empowered to be in ultimate control of their child’s education. Our yielding of this control certainly does not abdicate the program of any of its established important responsibilities. Contrarily, our pursuit of conformance to this stance is imprinted with the witness of many families in their stalwart adherence and support. This framework grants parents the choice to enroll the student into one or as many classes deemed necessary for the furthering of studies. Principally, because this fits in with our core beliefs, we take considerable pleasure in cultivating and maintaining support for this arrangement. 

Though not a necessity, some of our parents desire to teach some subjects and disciplines at home. Without reservation, when good home instruction is paired with the inherent flexibility in our class offerings, the combination is advantageous on several levels. First, personal accountability is galvanized by virtue of third party (us) support, in conjunction with positive shaping of the student at home. Evidence of this mutual relationship between school and parent is certainly not new and without time-tested validity. As stated, we believe parents should be in control, as opposed to the institution, which we feel should be more in the stance of accommodation rather than in a position designed to usurp this control. Moreover, the instruction at the True North School can be defined as both thorough and rigorous, and is enhanced by the positive socialization of the student. All classes are taught by instructors with effective, vested expertise relative to the subject being instructed, layering rich meaning into the material. Simply put, choice can lead to flexibility and thus, better learning

True North exists to offer a confluence of practicality and encouragement when it comes to the homeschool family. The practical side, the more obvious of the two, extends from the rich pool of knowledge your student has the ability to draw upon through the vast, experienced instruction here. Likewise, the encouragement dynamic at the True North School is deliberate in its roots and fundamentally grounded into the program's operation. There is not a day that goes by in which we do not have a laugh, a cry, or share in a prayer at the True North School. Our story is aptly complemented by the families of each student enrolled. As many will attest, families that entrust their student’s achievement to the program, and further cosigns with their academic investment at home, can and should expect to consistently navigate the sometimes challenging homeschool landscape. To punctuate, we need to look no further than Old Testament wisdom in Proverbs to understand our motives in this ever-important leadership.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Prov. 22:6 

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